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Lights Of The Tropics products are manufactured in the USA. Use caution with bulb replacement and, as with any electrical appliance, keep away from flammable substances, small children and pets.

Hanging lights:

These Swag Lights incorporate many materials to achieve a specific or a vintage look. All of these lights are made of quality vintage appropriate materials. Because they are one-of-a kind they’ll add the perfect vibe to any Tiki Lounge.

Most come fitted with incandescent bulbs of 40 watts, but may be converted to CFL or LED. Some have switches on the cord, others require a switched outlet.

     - Each of these lamps is a one-of-a-kind art piece. You are buying the lamp you see.-

20.5” wide 9” deep X 14” tall All bamboo & palm  construction with an antiqued copper chain and off-white diffusion inside.  This unique swag has a switch on the cord. Wide Bamboo Swag $120.00 Buy Now 12” wide X 11” tall A turned wood body with 6 alternating blue and green cast plastic windows with imbedded star fish and sea glass.  This lamp hangs  by its cord, and Requires a switched outlet. Round Sea-Glass & Starfish $180.00 Buy Now 6.25” wide X 20.5 “ tall A bamboo frame With a Tapa Cloth Like pattern shade  A simple design that smacks of Tiki meets Mid-Century Modern.  This lamp hangs by its cord, and requires  a switched outlet. Tapa-Moderne Swag  $90.00 Buy Now

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6.5” wide X 22 “ tall

Bamboo slats and

woven palm make a

Great shade for the

50 tiny lights that wind

around the bamboo

core of this swag light.

This lamp hangs by a

chain, and requires

 a switched outlet.


Sparkly Bamboo Swag  $75.00

Buy Now