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Lights Of The Tropics products are manufactured in the USA. Use caution with bulb replacement and, as with any electrical appliance, keep away from flammable substances, small children and pets.

Table Torches!

Real fire. Real cool! Your outdoor lanai will never be dull with these guys lighting up the fun.

Molten Moai:

This guy is styled like the Welcome Moai at the Kahiki! More than 7 ½ inches tall, he’ll light up your luau!

Get two and use them to bookend your bartop!

$50.00 Plus shipping

Made of heavy cultured stone, each Table Torch can be refilled with your favorite tiki torch oil.

As with all open flame, enjoy with extreme care!

Smoldering Skull:

Smoldering? Heck, This guy’s an ossified inferno!

A five inch tall skull that’s perfect for a pirate hideaway, or perched atop any Tiki Bar!

$40.00 Plus shipping

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